PROFINET Interface 6ES7155-6AU00-0CN0

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PROFINET Interface Module 6ES7155-6AU00-0CN0

*** Spare part *** SIMATIC ET 200SP SIEMENS , PROFINET interface module IM 155-6PN High Feature max. 64 I/O modules, 0.25 ms isochronous mode Multi-hotswap, incl. server module


General information

Product type designation IM 155-6 PN HF
Firmware version V3.3
Product function
● I&M data Yes; I&M0 to I&M4
● Module swapping during operation (hot swapping) Yes; Multi-hot swapping
Engineering with
● STEP 7 TIA Portal configurable/integrated as of version V13 SP1 Update 6

V5.5 SP4 and higher

● STEP 7 configurable/integrated as of version
● PROFINET as of GSD version/GSD revision – / V2.3
Configuration control
via dataset Yes
Supply voltage
Rated value (DC) 24 V
permissible range, lower limit (DC) 19.2 V
permissible range, upper limit (DC) 28.8 V
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Mains buffering
● Mains/voltage failure stored energy time 5 ms
Input current
Current consumption, max. 700 mA
Inrush current, max. 4.5 A
I²t 0.09 A²·s
Power loss
Power loss, typ. 2.4 W
Address area
Address space per module
● Address space per module, max. 288 byte; For input and output data respectively
Address space per station
● Address space per station, max. 1 440 byte; Dependent on configuration
Hardware configuration
● Modules per rack, max. 64; + 16 ET 200AL modules
● Number of submodules per station, max. 256
Number of PROFINET interfaces 1; 2 ports (switch)
1. Interface
Interface types
● Number of ports 2
● integrated switch Yes
● BusAdapter (PROFINET) Yes; Compatible BusAdapter: BA 2x RJ45, BA 2x FC, BA 2x

SCRJ (from FS03, V2.2), BA SCRJ / RJ45 (from FS03, V3.1), BA

SCRJ / FC (from FS03, V3.1), BA 2x LC (from FS03, V3.3), BA

LC / RJ45 (from FS03, V3.3), BA LC / FC (from FS03, V3.3)


● PROFINET IO Device Yes
● Open IE communication Yes
● Media redundancy Yes; PROFINET MRP
Interface types
RJ 45 (Ethernet)
● Transmission procedure PROFINET with 100 Mbit/s full duplex (100BASE-TX)
● 10 Mbps No
● 100 Mbps Yes; PROFINET with 100 Mbit/s full duplex (100BASE-TX)
● Autonegotiation Yes
● Autocrossing Yes
— Isochronous mode Yes; Bus cycle time: min. 250 µs
— Open IE communication Yes
— IRT Yes; 250 μs, 500 μs, 1 ms, 2 ms, 4 ms additionally with IRT with high performance: 250 µs to 4 ms in 125 µs frame
— PROFIenergy Yes
— Prioritized startup Yes
— Shared device Yes
— Number of IO Controllers with shared device, max. 4
Redundancy mode
● MRP Yes
● PROFINET system redundancy (S2) Yes; NAP S2
Open IE communication
● TCP/IP Yes
● SNMP Yes
● LLDP Yes
Isochronous mode
Isochronous operation (application synchronized up to terminal) Yes
Equidistance Yes
shortest clock pulse 250 µs
max. cycle 4 ms
Bus cycle time (TDP), min. 250 µs
Jitter, max. 1 µs
Interrupts/diagnostics/status information
Status indicator Yes
Alarms Yes
Diagnostics function Yes
Diagnostics indication LED
● RUN LED Yes; Green LED
● MAINT LED Yes; Yellow LED
● Monitoring of the supply voltage (PWR-LED) Yes; Green PWR LED
● Connection to network LINK (green) Yes; 2x green link LEDs on BusAdapter
Potential separation
between backplane bus and electronics No
between PROFINET and all other circuits Yes

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