Push-in terminals 6ES7193-6BP20-0DA0

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Push-in terminals 6ES7193-6BP20-0DA0

SIMATIC ET 200SP, BaseUnit BU15-P16+A10+2D, BU type A0, SIEMENS Push-in terminals, with 10 AUX terminals, New load group, WxH: 15 mmx141 mm

General information
Product type designation BU type A0
HW functional status From FS07
Supply voltage
Rated value (DC) 24 V
external protection for power supply lines Yes; 24 V DC/10 A miniature circuit breaker with type B or C tripping characteristic
Current carrying capacity
For P1 and P2 bus, max. 10 A
For AUX bus, max. 10 A
For process terminals, max. 2 A
Hardware configuration
Temperature sensor Yes
Formation of potential groups
● New potential group Yes
● Potential group continued from the left No
Potential separation
between the potential groups Yes
Isolation tested with 707 V DC (type test)
Ambient conditions
Ambient temperature during operation
● horizontal installation, min. -30 °C
● horizontal installation, max. 60 °C
● vertical installation, min. -30 °C
● vertical installation, max. 50 °C
Altitude during operation relating to sea level
● Installation altitude above sea level, max. 5 000 m; Restrictions for installation altitudes > 2 000 m, see manual
Color coding labels
● for process terminals CC00 to CC09
● for AUX terminals CC71 to CC73
● for add-on terminals does not exist
Connection method
● Terminal type Push-in terminal
● Conductor cross-section, min. 26 0.14 mm²; AWG 26
● Conductor cross-section, max. 14 2.5 mm²; AWG 14
● Number of process terminals to I/O module 16
● Number of terminals to AUX bus 10
● Number of add-on terminals 0
● Number of terminals with connection to P1 and P2 bus 2
Width 15 mm
Height 141 mm
Depth 35 mm
Weight, approx. 50 g

SIEMENS Push-in terminals 6ES7193-6BP20-0DA0

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